Our goals are:

  • We want to give sailors the best digital crew tools possible.
  • We aim to establish a better communication network between compatible hardware, for automatic data exchange between ships.
  • We want to aggregate all the information that is currently thrown away on shipbridges all over the world and use it, to make the best free map of the ocean.
  • This vast ressource of currently nearly unused data will also help scientists understand our oceans better.

Hackerfleet Operating System

To accomplish our ambitious goals, we developed a new kind of networked application framework, called HFOS.

  • Backend works on embedded systems (Python)
  • Frontend works on all common browsers (Angular)
  • Realtime collaboration features
  • Well structured information architecture
  • Modular and component based infrastructure
  • (Planned) Mesh based collaboration


This project would not be possible without the kind support of: For a full list, check out the project's contributors list. Big thanks!


Hackerfleet Development Community

We develop opensource hardware and software for unmanned and manned vessels on all waters. We develop publicly and transparent, our repositories are open for you.